Ulster Bank has now said it will be next week before full services are restored to its customers.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which owns the bank, said its focus will now be on fixing the problems here having resolved issues in RBOS and Nat West.

Thousands of customers haven't been able to fully access their accounts after a major technical fault hit the bank's online and automated systems last week.

80 branches will remain open until 7pm for the remainder of the week.

The bank also says that it will continue to facilitate customers in taking out cash on credit cards, interest free.

The bank says 33,000 people visited their branches yesterday and 20,000 calls were handled by the bank's call centre.

The bank said they will continue to work around the clock to clear the backlog of payments.

IPSO, the body who manages the banks' payments system has advised customers affected by the Ulster Bank technical difficulties, to keep a record of any costs incurred.

The Irish Payment Services Organisation says that it continues to work with the other banks to help Ulster Bank to process the delayed payments.

IPSO advises affected customers to speak to their own bank. They recommend notes and documentary proof of the impact caused, in case it is required.

The organisation says that in the event that customers don't get the response they're looking for, then issues can be escalated to the Financial Services Ombudsman where necessary.

Pat McLoughlin CEO of the IPSO says that the organisation is taking the issue very seriously and are working closely on a daily basis with Ulster Bank to ensure that a resolution is sought as soon as possible. The issue, he says, affects not only Ulster Bank and as such they have facilitated discussions with all of the clearing banks to assist affected customers.

IPSO says, that in conjunction with the Central Bank, that they will be reviewing the issue to help to identify the lessons to be learned from the Ulster Bank technical issue.