The finance ministers of France, Germany, Spain and Italy will hold talks in Paris today in the warm-up to a crunch EU summit later this week.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and Spain's Luis de Guindos were both expected in the French capital.

They will be joined by either Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who is also serving as finance minister, or deputy finance minister Vittorio Grilli, France's Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said.

European Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn would also attend the meeting, which marked "an active preparation phase of the summit" of EU leaders that begins on Thursday in Brussels, Moscovici said.

The Paris meeting follows one by the same four major euro zone countries on Friday in Rome, during which their leaders called for a plan worth up to €130 billion to support growth in the crisis-hit 17-nation bloc.

"Tomorrow there is a meeting, which will be very important, between Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel and this evening I will receive the finance ministers: Mr Schaeuble from Germany, Mr Monti or Mr Grilli of Italy and Mr de Guindos of Spain along with the European Commissioner," Moscovici said.

Hollande wants measures like mutualised debt and joint bank deposit guarantees to be worked on at the same time as moves towards deeper fiscal integration, while Merkel, wants an accord on closer integration before any other steps are taken.