Denmark has entered a recession, according to official data released today after growth figures for the fourth quarter of 2011 were revised to show a drop of 0.1% in economic output.

In February, the national statistics institute had forecast slight growth of 0.2% in the October-December period, following a 0.1% drop in the previous quarter.

A recession is defined by two quarters running of negative growth.

"We have revised the numbers because we have received new data concerning the current account, exports and imports, and we have received new numbers from the employment agency and the taxation ministry concerning (among other things) value added tax," Jonas Dan Petersen, an economist at the national statistics agency has said.

Experts however view the unexpected slip into recession to be "a technical detail," Danish financial daily Boersen points out in its online edition.

Statistics Denmark meanwhile says that its revised numbers were seasonally adjusted and the margin of error in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) stood at around 0.5%.

It also maintained the 1% economic growth estimate for 2011 it announced in February.