Pizza delivery firm Domino's Pizza has reported a rise in first quarter sales, helped by a ecovery in Irish sales.

It said it was sticking with plans to open 72 new stores in 2012, including 12 in Germany.

Domino's said like-for-like sales at the group's 660 established stores rose 3.5% in the thirteen weeks to March 25.

Like-for-like sales in Britain rose 3.6%. Irish sales recorded a 1.7% increase, compared to a 10.5% fall in sales the same time last year.

The company has benefited from cash-strapped consumers staying in to order pizzas rather than going out to eat during an economic downturn.

"Although they are just part of the growth story, it is good to see our like-for-like sales continue to increase," said Domino's new chief executive Lance Batchelor, who took up the role late last year.

"It is especially pleasing to see sales in the Republic of Ireland return to positive territory," he added.

Domino's reported growth in its online business in the first quarter, with a 44.5% increase in total online sales to £59.3m sterling. Orders made using mobile platforms accounted for 16.4% of online orders.

"We may have a softer comparative for the second quarter of the year but we will not be taking our foot off the accelerator," Batchelor said.

"We have a number of marketing initiatives and other programmes aimed at ensuring our franchisees can profitably grow their businesses."

The chain added six stores in the first quarter and is confident it will achieve its target of 72 new stores in 2012, of which 12 will be in Germany. The company opened six stores in Germany in 2011, and plans a further 26 outlets by the end of 2013, with a view to growing the business to as much as twice the size of its British operation.

Domino's said the first of the new German stores was being built and that it had found locations in the more affluent west of the country for other stores.