The cost of alcohol in Ireland is higher than anywhere in Europe as is the cost of tobacco, it has emerged.

Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics office, has also revealed that the price of eating out and staying in hotels was the third highest in Europe, just behind Denmark and Sweden and on a par with Finland.

And the cost of cars, bicycles and motorbikes is also the third highest in Europe, behind Denmark and Portugal.

But on the plus side, the cost of clothing and personal electronics was below the European average, but only just. It is still cheaper to buy clothing and personal electronics in the UK.

However overall, Ireland is the fifth most expensive country in Europe for consumer goods and services. Greece, another bailout country, was below average in cost.

The cheapest place for alcohol and cigarettes was Bulgaria and Romania and Albania is, unsurprisingly, cheap on most items.

Eurostat took prices for 2010 from 27 countries and says the high price of alcohol and tobacco in Ireland is “mostly” down to Irish tax.

The high cost of the hotels will be a blow to the tourism industry which has been promoting Irish holidays as better value than ever.

The full Eurostat figures can be seen here