Aviva is to increase health insurance premiums by 14% from Tuesday, March 1. 

It means anyone who wants to switch to a cheaper plan has just a day left to do so. 

The increases were announced at the end of January.

The Healthy Insurance Authority compares all health insurance packages on the market. Under the law health insurances are obliged to allow consumers switch schemes even if they are not among the profession the scheme was designed for in the first instance. 

It means doctors, for example, could avail of a package originally designed for teachers or vice versa.


In January, Aviva said it had to increase the premium prices because of the cost of private beds in public hospitals, medical inflation of 9% and the health insurance levy.

The increase comes just three weeks after VHI announced it was introducing hikes of up to 45% from February

Aviva said if the health insurance levy was removed, it would be able to reduce its prices by up to 30% overnight.

The planned increase means an individual on Aviva's most popular plan will see costs jump from €848 a year to €967 a year. Families with two adults and two children will typically see their bill rise by €356 a year to €2,900.

Aviva said it "held off and held off" raising its prices and that the 30,000 customers who had already switched from VHI wouldn't face the increase for 12 months.

To use the Health Insurance Authority comparison tool, select the plan you are on already and then seek comparisons. This is quicker than trying to compare prices of plans you are not already on.

The HIA provided RTE with nine ready-made comparisons, which you can find here, when the VHI announced its increases. 

This are also useful for Aviva customers.

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