Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Sunday to Thursday, 7 - 9pm

Mystery Train Sunday 24 February 2019

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train is a nightly journey through the many wonders of recorded music - from its vintage glories to the latest sounds. Essential listening for the discerning music fan.

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Wendy Erskine

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Wendy Erskine

Writer Wendy Erskine joins John Kelly aboard the Mystery Train and she'll be picking all the music.

Mystery Train Sunday Service Podcast - Wendy Erskine

Writer Wendy Erskine joins John Kelly aboard the Mystery Train and she'll be picking all the music.

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Mystery Train Guests

On our Mystery Train Sunday Service, John is joined by a special guest who picks the tunes. You can stream or download each programme via the RTÉ Player, or via the Apple Store and Spotify. Listen to programmes with Dorothy Cross, Bronagh Gallagher, Lisa Dwan, Paula Meehan, Cillian Murphy, Gavin Friday, Sam Amidon, Neil Hannon and more...

Music Played on the Show


Title: Wendy

Composer: Richard Swift

Performer(s): Richard Swift

Album: The Hex / Secretly Canadian / SC 242

Duration: 3:11


Title: Belfast

Composer: Jimmy Bilsbury

Performer(s): Boney M

Album: The Magic Of Boney M. / Atlantic / SD 365438

Duration: 2:25


Title: A Love Reputation

Composer: Lee Baker Jr, William R. Emmerson

Performer(s): Denise Lasalle

Album: Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 3 / Tarpon / T-6603

Duration: 2:30


Title: Male Stripper

Composer: Miki and Paul Zone

Performer(s): Man 2 Man

Album: Male Stripper 2k17: 30th Anniversary Edition / Bolts Records / Bols 4/12

Duration: 4:31


Title: Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

Composer: Lou Reed, Doug Yule

Performer(s): The Velvet Underground

Album: Away We Go (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Atlantic / SD 9034

Duration: 7:23


Title: Fragile

Composer: B. Gilbert, C. Newman, G. Lewis, R. Gotobed

Performer(s): Wire

Album: Pink Flag / Harvest / SHSP 4076

Duration: 2:00


Title: Life's Greatest Fool

Composer: Gene Calrk

Performer(s): Gene Clark

Album: No Other / Asylum Records / 4AD 0070 CDX

Duration: 4:45


Title: Black Sail

Composer: Annie Truscott, Gretchen Grimm, Julia Shapiro, Lydia Lund

Performer(s): Chastity Belt

Album: No Regerts / HY 002

Duration: 4:03


Title: A11

Composer: Cochran

Performer(s): Buck Owens

Album: Close Up Buck Owens / Capiltol Records / SWBB-257

Duration: 2:08


Title: On Cryology

Composer: Endless Boogie

Performer(s): Endless Boogie

Album: Long Island / No Quarter / NOQ031

Duration: 4:00


Title: Matchbox

Composer: Perkins

Performer(s): Carl Perkins

Album: The Dance Album / Sun Records

Duration: 2:05


Title: Let It Loose

Composer: Jagger, Richards

Performer(s): Rolling Stones

Album: Exile On Main St. / Rolling Stones Records / COC 69100

Duration: 5:17


Title: Lord Can You Hear Me?

Composer: Spaceman 3

Performer(s): Spaceman 3

Duration: 4:33


Title: Sister From Texas

Composer: Franklin

Performer(s): Aretha Franklin

Album: Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) / itunes

Duration: 3:13


Title: My Ship Is Coming In

Composer: Joey Brooks

Performer(s): The Walker Brothers

Album: Scott Walker & the Walker Brothers - 1965-1970 / Spectrum Music

Duration: 2:54



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Presenter & Producer: John Kelly

Producer: Áine Fay (Sunday)

Production Co-ordinator: Peter Curtin

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