Movies and Musicals

Movies and Musicals

Saturday, 1 - 4pm

Movies and Musicals Saturday 14 July 2018

Movies and Musicals

Escape to the Movies with Aedín Gormley. Classics from stage and screen for your Saturday afternoon.

Saturday July 21st

Aedín features a selection of great songs sung by Emmy and Tony Award winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, ahead of her 50th birthday this week. Chenoweth is best known for her role as Glinda in the musical Wicked but is a classically trained coloratura soprano who is as comfortable singing operatic arias as she is belting out a musical theatre hit song . We will also hear Barbra Streisand duet with Alec Baldwin and Judy Garland duet with Ethel Merman. Music too from the Lion in Winter and The Lion King, Moonlight and Barry Lyndon.

Watch and listen Again - Interview Archive

You can listen again here to Aedín's interviews with Mark Hamill (pictured), 'Coco' director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson, composer Michael Giacchino, Dame Julie Andrews, Dame Angela Lansbery and composer, writer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, responsible for the Broadway smash-hit musical Hamilton and the songs of Moana. 

Watch Aedín's interview with Mark Hamill below and click here to visit the audio archive

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Music Played on the Show


Title: Murder On The Orient Express

Composer: Bennett, Richard Rodney

Performer(s): Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Album: 10 Years of Cinema / EMI / 724383784325

Duration: 4:40


Title: Defying Gravity

Performer(s): Idina Menzel & Kristen Chenoweth

Album: Wicked (Original 2003 Broadway Cast Recording) / Universal Music Classical

Duration: 5:53


Title: Papa Mama Loca Pipa

Composer: Gilbert / Sullivan

Performer(s): The Minions

Album: Despicable me 3 (OST 2017)

Duration: 1:29


Title: Too Much Reality From As Good As It Gets

Composer: Zimmer, Hans

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: As Good as it Gets OST / Columbia/Sony / 69112

Duration: 6:03


Title: Burn

Composer: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Hamilton (Original Broadway cast recording 2015) / Atlantic / 7567866843

Duration: 3:45


Title: I Love Paris

Composer: Porter, Cole

Performer(s): Maurice Chevalier/ Frank Sinatra, Studio Orchestra

Album: Can Can -OST / Capitol / 8140792

Duration: 2:18


Title: A La Recherche De La Paix

Composer: Morricone, Ennio

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: En Mai Fais Ce Qu'il te Plait

Duration: 6:29


Title: Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

Composer: Lerner, Alan Jay/Loewe, Frederick

Performer(s): Marni Nixon (For Audrey Hepburn), Studio Orchestra

Album: My Fair Lady - OST / Sony / 66711

Duration: 4:17


Title: Consider Yourself Undermined

Composer: Giacchino, Michael

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Incredibles 2 (OST 2018)

Duration: 5:14


Title: James Bond Medley

Composer: Barry arr Stanley Black

Performer(s): Rte Concert Orchestra

Album: Recorded Live at Sounds Amazing NCH 14/06/18 / RTE

Duration: 9:19


Title: Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano

Composer: Carosone, Renato/Salerno, Nicola

Performer(s): Matt Damon & Jude Law (Vocals), Fiorello And The Guy Barker International Quintet

Album: The Talented Mr Ripley OST / Sony Music / SK51337

Duration: 2:58


Title: I Dreamed A Dream

Composer: Boubil / Schoenberg

Performer(s): Molly Lynch (Vocals), Rte Concert Orchestra

Album: Recorded at Sounds Amazing on 140618 / RTE / RTE

Duration: 4:27


Title: The Girl With The Plums

Composer: Tykwer, Tom / Klimer, Johnny / Heil, Reinhold

Performer(s): Chen Reiss (Soprano), Kristian Jarvi (Choir Conductor), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, State Choir Latvia

Album: Perfume - The Story of A Murder / EMI Classics / 0946 3 69535 2 6

Duration: 5:27


Title: I Love To Laugh

Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.

Performer(s): Ed Wynn

Album: Mary Poppins / Walt Disney / WD775722

Duration: 2:44


Title: Make 'Em Laugh

Composer: Brown/Freed

Performer(s): Donald O'Connor, Mgm Studio Orchestra

Album: Singin' in the Rain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version] / EMI / CD EMTV 56

Duration: 2:28


Title: Clair De Lune

Composer: Debussy, Claude

Performer(s): Ralph Grierson (Piano), Studio Orchestra

Album: Frankie and Johnny / Curb Records / 4694852

Duration: 5:42


Title: He Danced With Me

Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.

Performer(s): Gemma Craven/ Richard Chamberlain, Studio Orchestra

Album: The Slipper and the Rose- OST / Image / ID0306PD

Duration: 3:58


Title: Vois Sur Ton Chemin

Complete Work Name: The Chorus Original Soundtrack

Composer: Barratier/Coulais

Performer(s): Jean-Batiste Maunier (Boy Sop), Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra

Album: The Chorus OST / Marc Music / 5046769162

Duration: 2:19


Title: I Got The Sun In The Morning

Composer: Berlin, Irving

Performer(s): Ethel Merman (Vocals), Studio Orchestra

Album: Annie Get your Gun - Original Broadway cast (Recordno: 88010) / World Music / 88010

Duration: 2:51



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Presenter: Aedín Gormley

Producer: Eoin O'Kelly

Production Co-ordinator: Ian McGlynn


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