Holiday season is well and truly upon us, and even if our skies are only partially sunny, we can at least daydream about all the cheerful spots we'd like to visit - and maybe even book some flights!

Here are all the travel deals and updates you need to know this week, including the opening of an especially unique Egyptian pyramid and the closure of one of California's most beloved attractions, felled by social media. 

Your guide to sinking your teeth into the food of the Canary Islands

Despite being one of the most popular holiday destinations for Irish people, there's still a sense of mystery to the Canary Islands. Celebrated for its white sandy beaches and blue-green waters, this is a country where Africa and Europe meet, and that makes for some incredible food. 

While the beaches are nice, consider one of these majestic islands for your next foodie trip. Tuck into papas negras or black potatoes, savour the range of local goats cheeses, discover "mojo" sauce - a refreshing and fiery dressing dribbled on most things - and explore the heavenly desserts, like puff-shaped suspiros de Moya meringues and leche machanga. 

Buy one lift pass, get one free with Crystal Ski
With the scorching record-breaking heatwaves hitting much of Europe, you'd be forgiven for daydreaming of cooler climates. If you're already dreaming up a winter break, look no further than Crystal Ski, which has a range of exceptional offers available now. 

Choosing from a stunning selection of resorts in Andorra, Austria, France and Italy, you can now get one free adult lift pass when you purchase one. 

Shake off the winter gloom with a Stateside Easter getaway
Easter is the perfect time to explore a new country or city: the cooler weather, lengthening evenings and the need to shake off the remnants of summer makes for the perfect conditions for a memorable trip. 

Cruise down the California coast, from San Francisco to Santa Monica, and watch the sunset over the shimmering sea; put down roots in Time Square in New York City; live life like a movie star in Walt Disney World, complete with access to Disney's All-Star Movie Resort; and more. 

Find your own tropical paradise in Vietnam, Bali or Bangkok

Although such long-haul journeys are more expensive than the standard girls' weekend away in Amsterdam, a visit to the East is worth every euro, if only for the exceptional sights, smells and tastes you'll encounter. 

Whether you want to lounge in a villa in verdant and tranquil Bali, slurp noodles in the late-night markets of Vietnam or explore the rich natural history and shopping districts of Bangkok. Hayes and Jarvis has the deal for you. 

Disney World's Sky Gondola set to open very, very soon...
If you love the idea of Disney World but dread the seemingly endless walking, here's some good news. Visitors to Disney World will soon have a new way of getting around the parks.

The highly anticipated Sky Gondolas - a stunning new way to travel around the vast parks via cable cars suspended in the air - have been in construction for over two years and will officially open to the public on September 29th. The gondolas will allow guests to travel between Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and four Disney resort, and will no doubt spawn many Instagram posts. 

Egypt's "bent" pyramid is now open to the public
A land that keeps bringing forth treasures, Egypt is as beguiling and fascinating as it was thousands of years ago. Now, visitors have another wonder to explore as the inside of Egypt’s 'bent’ pyramid has opened to the public. 

Visitors enter the pyramid by walking through a narrow tunnel that leads to two chambers inside the structure. Originally built for Pharaoh Sneferu, the 4,600 year-old structure played a key role in the evolution of pyramid construction.

California's famous daffodil hill to close indefinitely due to social media

Social media has claimed another tourism victim, this time McLaughlin's Daffodil Hill, the scenic field of yellow and white flowers that drew in thousands of visits due to its floral splendor.

Located just outside of California’s state capital of Sacramento is McLaughlin’s Daffodil Hill is managed by the Ryan family, who posted an announcement on Facebook on July 15 announcing the closure.

"After the crush of visitors that descended upon our Hill this year, we came to realize that the limitation on the size of our parking areas and the inability of the local road infrastructure to handle the volume, created liability and safety concerns for everyone involved," the post reads, "it is this overwhelming popularity that has led us to our decision to close."