When poet W.B. Yeats famously (and, as it's according to himself, allegedly) told J. M Synge to forget the cultural meccas of Paris and Berlin and head to the Aran Islands, it gifted us with the belief that eventually propelled the Irish Literary Revival into being: that Ireland has as much appeal than any country going.

And if you've just spent the night sheepishly searching online for the best travel offers, it turns out you're in the minority. With over 50% of Irish people plucking for a staycation this year, it seems we are shunning "away" for "home".

The result comes as part of new research by Amárach commissioned by Keelings, a survey that for all of our complaining and fervent #tbt-ing to Instagram travel photos we are a nation that craves home comforts, with only 30% traveling abroad last year. 

The survey was carried out among a sample of 1,000 respondents, and was measured to fit with national representation with quotas set on gender, age, socioeconomic background and religion to glean more accurate results.

In answering their questions, Irish people have inadvertently exposed our soft sides, with results showing that while travelling we miss our own beds more than anything, even our pets. 

And for all of our complaining about it, it turns out we don't actually mind too much about the weather. Over a third of people surveyed said they wouldn't be deterred from their planned staycation by a bit of rain - we're nothing if not resilient and, yes, maybe stubborn on this matter - holding out hope for some sunshine and blue skies. Another third have done away with fuss altogether and said they wouldn't be bothered if it rained or shined. 

Of the many revelations disclosed therein, Keelings' survey also showed that 78% of women between 35-44 are more likely to bring their mother-in-law on holidays over their own parents. How many more staycations will be happening once that tidbit gets out is not our business... 

Although 'tis the season of the airline sale, and while it's true that more options are opening up for even more ambitious world travel and sightseeing, there is so much to be said for staycationing. Driving rather than flying is often more affordable, not to mention allows for greater exploring, while getting to know another part of your country is as thrilling as seeing the temples of Thailand. 

Ireland is a comparatively minute nation, but packed with enough beauty and diversity to keep even the most dyed-in-the-wool Irish person surprised. I mean, just look at how many accents we have. 

And this is all in addition to the stunning scenery we have right at our front doors. Rolling green hills, megalithic mountain ranges, scintillant oceans and some of the best food and company in the world.