On Air: Pedro Ferreira Develey

Biologist, graduated from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), where he also concluded a M.Sc and Ph.D. on bird ecology. Currently works as Executive Director for BirdLife/SAVE Brasil. He has worked as a consultant on environmental diagnoses based on bird fauna information in various biomes in Brazil, and published scientific and dissemination papers on national and international magazines, and book chapters on bird ecology and conservation. Pedro is co-author of the Field Guide Birds of the Greater São Paulo (Guia de Campo: Aves da Grande São Paulo) and one of the organizers of the book Áreas Importantes para a Conservação das Aves no Brasil – Parte 1 and 2: (Important Bird Areas in Brazil – Part 1 and 2). Has been  working since January 2016 as the President of the Ornithological Brazilian Societ (SBO).