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Country: Australia

Organisation: EBU - ABC

Location:  Wamboin, a rural area just outside Canberra – Australia’s capital. It’s an area of dry bushland, and while there are large chunks of uncleared bush, there are many farms, homes and other developments in the area.  This is up in the high country of eastern Australia, right next to a man made dam.  The site in Wamboin is actually a patch of bushland on private land – there are two man made dams in the bush, which is one of the reasons there is such a density of birds.  It’s owned by a couple and Anthropologist and Artist duo called Pam and Nigel.

The Dam at Wamboin (photo by Pamela McGrath)

On Air: Dr. Ann Jones.  Ann hosts ABC Australia’s nature podcast Off Track – and travels the country seeking out the weirdest and most wonderful creatures. She’s a field recording specialist with a special love for Australia’s birds.  To find out more about Off Track, and to listen to or download the podcasts, visit

Dr. Ann Jones; photo: Corey Hague

Key Species: Australian Magpie (Completely different to European or American Magpie. Black and white, highly sociable, special song, also mimic. Dangerous bird); Australian Raven (Large, ubiquitous bird in many Australian landscapes. Long drawn out calls); Crimson Rosella (Small red-velvet coloured parrot, eats seeds, has bell like call and different alarm calls as well as a flight call); Sulphur Crested Cockatoos (Screaming characters of the Australian eastern seaboard. Large white cockie with yellow crest, sociable, unafraid and larrikans); Wood duck (Has adapted to human changed environments – because likes lawns. Needs hollows to nest); Shrike Thrush; Little Friarbird; Domestic chook; Blue Fairy Wren; Red wattle bird; Corella

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Australia. (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)