Ah, TikTok. Where would we be without it? 

The social media platform has gotten many of us through the last few months of lockdown, disappointment, stress and food cravings with its mix of dance tutorials, trends and – of course – food hacks. 

First there was the frothy TikTok coffee, then there was the egg sandwich that almost broke the internet. And now there's the cake cutting hack – or as we see it, a reason to buy yourself a full cake this weekend. 

Like most internet hacks, this cake cutting hack is equal parts ingenious and chaotic and comes from a mammy, the craftiest people out there.

In a video uploaded late last month by user @theroseperiod, the woman's daughter blows out her 20th birthday cake before the family tears into the frosted treat. But rather than doling out portions slice by slice or sectioning it into sixths or eighths, the family digs in with wineglasses. 

No, literally digs in

Grabbing a long stemmed wineglass turned upside down, the family scoop up portions of cake one by one, followed by a group cheers. Add a fork and you have a glamorous way to eat cake. 

We all know the pressure of portioning out equal slices of cake, and it's the stuff family brawls are started over, but this ingenious hack makes sure people get the same amount of cake – provided you use the same kind of wineglass. 

And if you're not craving cake, even better: you get to portion out your own slice. 

It's even prettier than a normal cake slice, as the layers are clearly visible and the frosting creates a very on-trend "naked" cake look, but better than that it's possibly more hygienic than one person slicing pieces up and touching the cake – crucial for celebrations during a pandemic. 

Adding some berries, chocolate chips, sweets or whipped cream would be an ideal way to dress this up, letting guests customise their individual glasses of cake. 

As one historical figure famously did not say, let them eat cake!