Much as we'd like to tell ourselves that our tea making abilities are the best, there are as many ways to make a cuppa as there are ways to say "tea". One of them, however, has almost unilaterally divided food Twitter after a woman from the American South posted her method for making "hot tea". 

Originally from the US, TikTok user @jchelle36 has built a following by posting comparisons between the States and the UK, where she currently lives with her family.

Earlier videos have included explaining the difference between biscuits in the US and the UK, comparing American sweets to British ones and lots of videos of the family melting gummy sweets. 

But one of her more recent posts truly riled people up. 

"I get a lot of questions about 'hot tea' so I wanted to show you what this American likes as hot tea", she says at the start of her video. It's worth noting that in the States hot tea is a heated version of the Southern classic sweet tea or ice tea, typically fruity and sweet in flavour and far removed from our usual cuppa. 

She starts with one cup fo instant tea, such as Lipton's instant ice tea powder. To that, she adds two cups of Tang – a powdered drink mix that's very popular in the US – and some lemonade mix, here using American brand Country Time Lemonade. 

If that wasn't sweet enough, she adds two cups of sugar to the mix, along with a pinch of cinnamon and a hit of clove to lend it a spicy flavour – would probably help cut through that sweetness. 

After mixing that up, that's your go-to recipe for "tea", but the part that most upset Twitter users came next. Rather than boil the kettle, she fills a mug with water and heats it in the microwave.

Now, anyone who has spent time in the US or has American friends and family will be used to this sort of carry on, but for some people on Twitter it came as quite the shock.

Once your water is heated, you add as many teaspoons of the mix to it, give it a stir and enjoy your ... "hot tea".