Korea has given the world K-Pop and K-Beauty, and now comes a new craze: Dalgona coffee.

Sweeping social media, from TikTok to Instagram, this drink is basically an upside-down cappuccino, with the coffee almost ice cream-esque on the top, whipped into a stylish peak.

In fact, that’s half the fun – you need to get the look of the drink right as well as the taste. It’s a matter of internet honour.

Named Dalgona because it looks like a Korean soft honeycomb-style candy with the same name, we warn you, it’ll get addictive trying to get it just right.

So how do you make it at home?
You’ll need two tablespoons each of instant coffee, hot water and sugar, plus 400ml of milk, as well as a heatproof glass and some imagination.

The other bit of kit that would come in handy is an electric hand whisk, but you can do this with a non-electric one. Be prepared to give those biceps a workout!

First of all, put everything but the milk in a bowl and whisk into a moussy, whipped cream texture. You’re looking for stiff peaks when the whisk is removed.

Next, add the milk – warm or not – to a glass, then top with the coffee. So, essentially, an upside-down cappuccino!

And how to present it?
Any heatproof glass is fine, but for ultimate likes, a mason jar-style glass will look cute, or try an ice cream sundae glass.

Wine glasses also turn it into a cute dessert…

As for the finishing touches, well, you could grate over chocolate…

Or add Matcha, which will give your Dalgona a green colour (and yes, you can create your own Pokemon…)

Well, it’s certainly one way to pass another day in lockdown…