Sugar and lemon pancakes are an absolute classic – all that crunchy granulated sugar and citrus zing – and are as delicious to eat as they are fun to flip.

But if you’re looking to amp up your batter game this Pancake Tuesday, it’s understandable – especially when there are so many pancake variations out there to try.

Whether you’re considering huge and fluffy styles, or crispy, savoury types, these countries have some particular pancake ideas worth trying…


A thick stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with syrup and streaky bacon is a must when you visit America. Preferably, they’ll be eaten at a retro diner where the servers keep you topped up with refillable filter coffee, just like in the movies.


The French have perfected super thin, lightly crispy sweet crepes drenched in chocolate spread, or caramelized apples with cream, but don’t forget about their savoury buckwheat galettes. Often folded into squares, they come best laden with ham and have a golden yolk in the centre.


American pancakes are certifiably fluffy, but Japanese pancakes are basically souffles – towering, cloud-like and wobbly.


It’s usual in Brazil to use tapioca flour in pancakes; they’re then stuffed with sweet and savoury fillings – grated coconut and butter is popular.


This gives you total licence to order in crispy Peking duck pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Go big on the hoisin sauce, matchstick cucumber and spring onion.


Finnish pannukakku has all the hallmarks of a massive Yorkshire pudding – which can only be a good thing. Square with high sides, the cooked batter is then sliced into squares and often drizzled with fruit compote.


Traditionally made with corn, cachapas are a savoury Venezuelan snack and street food. Expect them to come stuffed with a slab of soft, oozing white cheese.