How many of these palm-sized Mexican treats can you knock back in one sitting? We’re thinking a lot.

The traditional way of eating the street food staple is to order your tacos individually, ordering one, then going back for another, and another, until you are practically a taco yourself.

So to celebrate World Taco Day, and to appreciate just how brilliant corn tortillas are as a vehicle for every kind of filling, here are some top ways to stuff your taco shells…

1. Braised chicken

Classic tacos (not your Tex-Mex variety) are traditionally topped with just chopped coriander and diced white onion, but chipotle-shredded chicken calls for cooling lettuce and a slick of sour cream.

2. Baja fish

Basically a fish finger taco, loaded with sweetcorn and pineapple rather than mushy peas (which we wouldn’t condemn) – it works, even if it sounds like it shouldn’t.

3. Jerk pollock

Fish tacos are light and refreshing – chuck in some jerk seasoning and they’ll pep you up with a bit of heat too.

4. Slow-cooked lamb

Moreish slow-cooked lamb, coriander, white onion – the only thing missing is a few leaves of mint.

5. Jackfruit

Vegans needn’t miss out on the taco fun – pile the shells high with pulled jackfruit and avocado.

6. Cheezeburger

Club Mexicana go big on vegan street food, and this ‘cheezeburger’ taco takes all the flavours of a classic cheeseburger and makes it plant-based.

7. Pork adobada

Squeeze lots of lime over these spit roast marinated pork tacos with white onion, avocado and tomatillo (like green tomato) salsa.

8. Brownie

For your taco pudding, this immense brownie shell, peanut butter mousse and Oreo biscuit spectacular should do the trick for a sugar overload.