It can be a berry frustrating time when you try to cut off the green leafy part of the strawberry (or, the "calyx") and you take half the strawberry with it. Here's a simple and easy trick that will keep the strawberry fully intact.

More than that, it's a fun (and safe) activity for all the family to get involved with when cooking this summer. Check out the video below to learn how to do it!  

Another sweet treat is mango chunks, a refreshing and delicious snack on a hot day that go with a wide variety of dishes. You can now make perfect mango squares without the fear of it falling apart. It's also an easier and cleaner way to eat it. 

The technique can be used on other fruits and veg such as avocados, aubergines, tomatoes and so on.

It's summer, it's hot (hopefully) and you're a little too relaxed to be keeping an eye on spills and the like. Running after little ones with glasses of orange juice or blackcurrent squash is more difficult in the heat, so using this hack will banish hard-to-get-out stains. 

 The question is, is it weird to bring a roll of clingfilm everywhere you go?  

Happy Summer, everyone!