In 2017, a report was published in the Irish Medical Journal detailing the rise of accidental but self-inflicted knife injuries due to failed attempts at cutting and peeling fruit. The phenomenon became commonly known as "avocado hand" because, of course, it did.

Essentially, what would happen is that the chef in question - most likely a millennial foregoing a new house - would hold the avocado in their non-dominant hand while using a knife out the pit with their dominant hand. 

Then, while trying to open and de-stone their breakfast, the knife would slip and stab their hand.

According to RTÉ News, these stabbing injuries have the potential to cause significant neurovascular, tendinous and/or bone injuries, often requiring exploration under regional or general anesthetic.

So, how can we cut, de-stone and peel an avocado without causing bloodshed in the kitchen?

Step 1: Place the fruit on a flat surface and hold it in place with one hand while you gently cut around the circumference with the other hand. Then, using your hands, pull the avocado apart into two pieces.

Step 2: To de-stone, carefully hack a sharp knife into the pit (mind your hand!) and then rotate and lift it out.

Step 3:  Push the rim of a regular drinking glass into the bottom of the avocado so that it fits between the fruit and the skin. Next, simply, scoop the avocado into the glass and voila!

Watch the video above to see the lifehack for yourself.