It's Chinese New Year, which for many celebrants - including the Irish among them - means just one: oodles and oodles of delicious food. 

Chinese food has a long history in Ireland, with the first restaurants setting up shop as early as the 1950s. On cold days, hard days or days when you just can't bring yourself to cook, a 3-in-1, chop suey or spice bag is never too far away from our hungry clutches. 

This year, Deliveroo has released the list of Ireland's most popular Chinese dishes, giving us an insight into our habits, good and bad, and maybe inspiring an order from somewhere new to us. 

With Chinese orders on Deliveroo spiking by 208% last Chinese New Year, it's likely that a huge chunk of the country will be pigging out on dumplings, fried rice or noodles tonight. 

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said "Our preferences for Chinese dishes have changed over the years - there was a time when 3-in-1s were the brand new thing.

"Now the legendary Spice Bag and Asian fusion are all the rage and always developing. While our tastes may have changed, our fascination with Chinese food never will, and we’re happy to highlight our most renowned and great-tasting restaurant partners," they added.

The legendary spice bag is, indeed, a revered tradition on our Emerald Isle, and came out on top as the most popular Chinese dish ordered over the app.

And while the majority of the most popular restaurants were beloved Dublin locations, the most popular Chinese dish in Ireland is actually from Galway, with Xian Street Food doling out dozens of their famous spice bags daily to ravenous customers. 

If any Dubliners feel competitive about what sounds like the impending Spice Bag Wars - justice for Chop Chop! - never fear: Xian Street Food opened their first Dublin location on South Anne Street at the end of last year so you can see what all the fuss is about. 

The full list:

  • Spice Bag from Xian Street Food (Galway)
  • Crispy Chilli Chicken from Tung Sing (Cork)
  • Duck Yuk Sung from Hang Dai (Dublin)
  • Chicken Noodles from Wok in Noodle (Dublin)
  • Siu Mei from Orchid (Dublin)
  • Chicken Satay from Chai Yo (Dublin)
  • Crispy Spring Rolls from Yuan Ming Yuan (Cork)
  • Crispy Chicken from Q’s Creative Asian Dining (Dublin)