With a week or so to go, it’s time to get down to planning, what for many, is the biggest meal of the year.

Catherine Fulvio, TV Chef from Ballynocken House and Cookery School, Co. Wicklow joined Sean O’Rourke on the Today programme with some tasty tips and handy hints ahead of Christmas Dinner.

"I really try to get done as much done on Christmas eve as possible. There is so much you can do and you can rope the family in as well! All that peeling, chopping, slicing, dicing - as long as you think they're handy with a sharp knife, away you go," says Catherine.

"Things to do on Christmas eve? Well, start blanching your vegetables especially if you're doing something like roast carrots or you're planning on pan-frying them, you can have them par-cooked.

"To blanch them, you just put them in boiling salted water and just par-cook them and whip them out and put them in ice cold water to cool them down fast."

For more top Christmas dinner tips, click play on the video above.