After five heartwarming episodes, Tastes Like Home comes to an end tonight as host Catherine Fulvio makes one last trip in the name of food and family connections, this time traveling from Cavan to Melbourne and visiting a few "Neighbours" along the way!

In tonight's episode, Catherine meets with Felicity (aka Flick) and her husband Peter in Cavan, where they show her how to make their son Eoin's favourite family dish, Atlantic seafood cooked in a light and flavoursome coconut broth with truffle mashed potatoes

Jetting off, then, to Melbourne, the team meets with Eoin, who has lived abroad for ten years and his fiancée Julz, where they try to recreate the beloved dish Catherine perfected in Cavan. To go alongside this, Catherine whisks up a sumptuous dessert of chocolate tart with rosé poached pears

In the midst of all of this cooking and reminiscing, Catherine, Eoin and Julz found time to visit the Neighbours set, which is where the second-fastest filmed show in the world is recorded, with six episodes completed every five days. Catherine even got to meet Dr David, played by Takaya Honda, and received a guided tour. 

Speaking about the trip, Catherine said: "Melbourne – what I can say but wow! We went to the set of Neighbours and guess what, Dr David was there to welcome us and bring us on a personal tour! Not only that we were on set when the rehearsals were ongoing!"

"I did try to get a part as an extra but instead Dr David brought us to the real Ramsey Street, where we saw Kylie’s old house! Apparently, there is an actual Ramsey Street in Melbourne where lots of tourists show up only to be disappointed, as it’s nothing like the Neighbours Ramsey Street."

Catherine also got some foodie sightseeing in, touring the diverse and bustling food markets and learning about delicacies such as abalone and desert limes. She also visited a chocolate factory and took in the vibrant and unique gastronomic culture in Melbourne.