It's Galway v Dublin tonight on Healthy Appetite as Jess Murphy from Kai Café in Galway competes with Gareth Mullins of The Marker Hotel in Dublin. 

Jess Murphy and Gareth Mullins
Jess Murphy and Gareth Mullins

Host Pamela Flood will ask the two top chefs to whip up their favourite dish which she will personally taste - eh, can we have her job? 

The chefs will then have their dishes deconstructed by esteemed dietitian Aveen Bannon who pulls no punches and tells them exactly how much fat, sugar and fibre is in each meal. 

Aveen Bannon
Aveen Bannon

The contestants must then come up with healthier versions of their decadent dishes in a head to head cook-off. 

How will the reductions change Chef Gareth Mullin's Wild Irish Venison with Cauliflower? He's certainly nervous about a dietician telling him how to cook...

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"It makes me wince a little bit when I hear somebody telling me about a dish because of its fat content because when I create a dish I'm always thinking about balance."

"I would be interested to see if I do pull back on a little bit of the fat and the sugar within the dish, does it change in my view but also in the view of the person that's going to eat it," said Gareth.

Elsewhere in the kitchen, Jessica has been found guilty of overloading her dish of Achill Island Black Face Lamb Chops with carbs...

"Jess uses tonnes of veggies in it and a lot of heart-healthy oils. Where it all goes wrong is the portion size and the flatbread."

"Her dish suddenly has a combined fat content of 106 grammes. If she could find an alternative to her flatbread but keep 18 grammes of fibre, she'd have a really healthy dish on her hands," said Aveen.

Tune into Healthy Appetite tonight on RTÉ One at 8.30pm.