As the golden spice is found to improve memory by 30%, here are some handy tips for getting more of the super-root onto your plate.

For ages, health buffs have been telling us that turmeric is a pretty wonderful thing, thanks to its nifty healing agent curcumin – which has some mighty anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Research conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that a daily supplement of turmeric boosted people’s memories by nearly 30% and eased the symptoms of depression.

Pretty impressive if you ask us.

Here are a couple of ways you can get creative with turmeric in the kitchen. Come at us, health benefits.

1. Add it to scrambled eggs

Add turmeric to your breakfast routine

Use a pinch of turmeric in your frying pan next time you’re whipping up a healthy breakfast.

2. Use it to spice up your rice

Antique Bowl with Turmeric Jasmine Rice
Spice up your rice

A dash of the golden stuff will liven up a pot of boring Basmati.

3. Make a warming soup

Turmeric and soup
Turmeric and soup

Whizz it up with carrots, ginger and onion for a creamy and satisfying winter treat.

4. Drink a calming turmeric latte

Cuppa turmeric anyone?

Simply add ginger, almond milk, turmeric and cinnamon together to create the perfect drink to fight the flu.

5. Add it to your hummus

Add a dash of turmeric to your hummus

If you make your dips from scratch, you can easily add a dash of ground turmeric and grated nutmeg to give your hummus a spicy kick. Serve with celery sticks and dig in.