McVitie's have tried to put an end to the arguments about which side of their biscuits are coated with chocolate.

Most people assume the chocolate is the topping on Digestives and Hobnobs.

But according to the company, the chocolate side is actually the bottom of the biscuit.

The McVitie’s stamp, which apparently marks the top of the snack, is on the biscuit side.

Posting on the McVitie’s Facebook page last week, they wrote: "Hi, our Hobnobs goes through a reservoir of chocolate, so it’s on the bottom! Thanks, McVitie’s".

United Biscuits, who own McVitie's, confirmed in 2014 that the chocolate is actually on the bottom of the biscuit.

But the debate has reignited in the past few days, with people not accepting the news that they are holding their biscuit the wrong way.

Kerry Owens, McVitie’s Marketing Director, said,  "When we make our McVitie’s chocolate biscuits – whether that be Chocolate Hobnobs, Chocolate Digestives, or even Jaffa Cakes – they go through a reservoir of chocolate on the production line.

"This essentially "enrobes" the bottom in chocolate – so we can confirm that the chocolate is officially on the bottom of the biscuits."