The brief was simple …with a pantry full of fish and shellfish they must recreate a fine dining experience for our judges. 

Hugh was given an advantage to choose his ingredients first from the pantry. He went with sea bream. Diana took the last piece of sea bream, which meant Mark and Niamh were left shellfish.

Diana served her dish first, she took a risk and was in tears when she presented to the judges. Nick told her it was not all doom and gloom, saying the components worked well, Dylan however said, ‘we are looking for fine dining…it’s not…today it didn’t go your way.’ 

Edel served up next with her lobster, crab salad and samphire. Nick remarked it looked pretty, with a good eye for detail. Dylan was full of praise saying, ’I love the way you’ve balanced this dish, lovely and light. I would gladly pay for this! You’re starting to prove you are not a fluke’

Hugh served up his Sea Bream which Nick said was beautiful and full of flavours exploding on the palette. Dylan felt it was a little overseasoned but could see Hugh was pouring his heart into his cooking.

Mark was up next with his pan seared langostine and prawn ceviche. Dylan told him the presentation was odd, and the flavours were confusing on the palette, while Nick told him it was just plain ‘wacky’!

Niamh’s prawn bisque was the second soup she has made this series, Dylan felt it was full of really good flavours, but the large ‘stupid prawn’ she laid across the middle did not say fine dining. Dylan said he wished she’d listened to the brief.

Finally Charlie presented his seafood platter, it was a cold dish and the oyster was served with no sauce. Despite receiving good comments, Nick said tasty lovely flavours, Dylan told him it was not fine dining and said nothing about his cooking.

Dylan and Nick then retired to discuss who deserved the chance to go through to the next round.

Mark was the first to go and said, ‘If the dish they saw today wasn’t to their liking then my style isn’t to their liking.'

Charlie was also sent home last night and said, 'I am proud of my achievement, but it doesn’t take away from the disappointment. I am gutted to be going home.'

Next week the remaining four contestants will enter Guilbaud’s to cook for 50 customers in the Semi Final!