Having survived elimination in the opening episode, Ibrahim needed a good result on Sunday night's show, but his dessert was not rated by dinner party guests and his main course with a box of mystery ingredients did not impress judges Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN about the Celebrity Masterchef Ireland experience, Ibrahim said: "I was very disappointed when I left [was eliminated]. I wanted to stay in badly.

"Halfway through the first episode my competiveness really started to come out. I really wanted to show Nick and Dylan, and everybody who was watching the show, that I can cook. I just wanted to impress them."

He continued: "I had practised before I went on the show in The Cornstore Restaurant Limerick, in their kitchen. In hindsight, I'm still really glad that I took part in the show. It was a great experience. My confidence in the kitchen has hugely been boosted."

When asked who he saw as competition on the show, he replied: "I think it was very evenly matched. David [Gillick] and I were both the two youngest on the show. So, I wanted to at least do as well as him. I also saw Maia [Dunphy] as competition. She was very good from the beginning; I think that she is definitely going to last until the end."

On the experience of working with judges Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier, Ibrahim said: "If there is a good-cop-bad-cop situation then Nick is the good cop and Dylan is the bad one. You can't help but respect Dylan's opinion, despite the fact that he is the hard one. They are both firm, but I got a sense that they wanted you to do well. But Dylan was definitely the point of the sword."