In the first episode of Celebrity MasterChef, eight became seven as Gary Cooke was asked to leave the kitchen when his ‘You on a Plate’ and his attempt at the classic French dessert Crepe Suzette failed to impress Nick and Dylan.

In tonight’s episode the seven remaining cooks will be split into teams by Nick and Dylan, as they are asked to cater for a dinner party celebrating The Gathering. Hosted by Gavin Duffy and his wife Orlaith Carmondy, the contestants must create a memorable night for the guests who are visiting American friends, local food producers and business people.

The party will dine on locally sourced food produce. On the Green Team, David and Yvonne will prepare a starter of Clogherhead crab salad with micro greens, basil oil and soda bread toasts.

The White Team of Aengus, Maia and Conor, will be tasked with making the main course of Lusk cider glazed Pork Belly on a bed of Colcannon mash, pureed beetroot, French beans and fondant potato, and finally the Gold Team of Tracy and Kamal will be on dessert of Carageen panna cotta with Bell Heather honey served with roast rhubarb, candied julienne of ginger with ginger shortbread. The guests will have the deciding vote on which course tasted the best.

Unbeknownst to the competitive cooks the two teams that fail to impress the dinner party guests will return to the MasterChef kitchen the following day where they will have to undertake a Mystery Box challenge, after which one of them will lose their apron and leave the MasterChef kitchen for the last time.

MasterChef Ireland wish to thank Coppingers and Kal for all their assistance in the making of this programme