In last night’s episode the three finalists went on a culinary road trip, firstly to London and then to Stockholm. Each contestant had been given their own London one Michelin star restaurant where they cooked during a lunch service.

And then they flew to Stockholm to complete two intensive days under the world’s 20th best chef Bjorn Frantzen in his restaurant Frantzen/Lindeberg.

In London
Alexis Gauthier felt that Nicha “was a bit under pressure at one stage but she didn’t run out of the kitchen crying. She has the right frame of mind”. Without a doubt Alexis would give her a job in his kitchen.

In L’Autre Pied, Andy McFadden felt that “If Terry wants to pursue cooking as a career I don’t see why not, not necessarily at this level”. The only thing that seemed to let Terry down was the speed at which he worked.

And finally Christoffer Hruskova in North Road “Tamarin needs to works a bit more on speed, but that will come with more training in kitchens and to believe in herself. She did extremely well I was pleasantly surprised”

In Stockholm
During the canapé preparation on day one the person who most impressed Bjorn was Terry. Nicha completely lost he bottle while making her quenelles and Tamarin flew under the radar on day one.

Bjorn felt that Terry had the speed and mental attitude to survive in a two star kitchen.

On day two when they had to cook the tables completely turned. Tamarin rose to the top and of all the dishes most impressed all the judges with her execution and also her ability to present her dish at the pass.

Terry had a disastrous cooking session. Losing his focus and having far too much to do at the pass. Apart from an unfocused, unseasoned dish he left the cooking station in a state much to Bjorn’s horror.

Nicha had a vision but her vanilla puree let her down being too sweet to work with her vegetables.

All three leave Stockholm knowing the next time they cook it will be for Nick and Dylan and one of them will be crowned the winner of the title 2012.