With hundreds of applications from across the country, just over 50 people have made it through to the audition stage, where they will compete for one of just 16 MasterChef aprons that give them that step closer to the coveted title of MasterChef Ireland and a cash prize of €25,000.

Episode One sees the first auditions, as Dylan and Nick search for the most exceptional amateur cooks in Ireland. Each cook will have just 55 minutes in the MasterChef Studio to cook their best dish and ultimately try and impress the MasterChef judges.

A ‘yes’ from both judges will see them earn a spot in the Final 16 and the opportunity to progress further. However, where contestants split the judges, or Nick and Dylan are undecided, they can be given a ‘lifeline’ and asked to come back the next day and cook one more time in the Cook-Off.

The pressure is on as the top amateur cooks in the country start their battle for a place in the Final 16 and a chance to become the next MasterChef Ireland.