Eco-Queen Fionnuala Moran joined Jennifer Zamparelli on RTÉ 2FM to discuss Love Island and eBay's 'pre-loved' fashion partnership. Listen back above.

Hosted by Maya Jama, the winter edition of Love Island is back on ITV2, with viewers enjoying all the drama that comes with filming a bunch of singles rollicking around a luxury villa in South Africa.

As well as delving into the highs and lows of romantic entanglements, the show has been known to influence fashion fans, with contestant Dani Dyer's Misguided crochet dress spiking by 9,300% in sales when she wore it on the show in 2018.

Last summer, as part of a move away from fast fashion, contestants wore a range of vintage pieces sourced from the online marketplace, with eBay reporting a subsequent 1,600% rise in searches for 'pre-loved clothes'.

Fortunately, it was recently revealed that the reality show's partnership with eBay continues this season, giving contestants access to a pre-loved wardrobe in the villa.

"This is legitimate," says Fionnuala, who insists she would be the first person to call out 'greenwashing'.

To listen back to Fionnuala's chat with Jen on RTÉ 2FM, listen back above.