Katrina Carroll runs an online vintage clothing shop called prelovedbyshayandjo. She joined Brendan (filling in for Ryan Tubridy) on RTÉ Radio 1 to speak about her most recent find. Listen back above.

During one of her vintage clothing hauls, Katrina Carroll found a house dress from the 70s which she describes as "frilly" and "fancy".

"Many moons ago, women at home used to wear these fancy nightgowns to bed, but it was like a house dress really," she told Brendan. "You'd see it in old movies, these women drinking cocktails wearing these fancy dresses but then they wear them to bed."

@vintageirishkat1981 Ill never sell this! A dress from #penneys #primark made in ireland THIS BLOWS MY MIND 😭😭😭🤯 #secondhand ♬ original sound - Katrina Carroll

The house dress in question caught Katrina's eye because it was from Penneys and had a 'Made in Ireland' label, which got her thinking about all the clothes made in Ireland back in the 60s and 70s.

"We had a huge textile industry that we don't have anymore, and it made me sad, and made me even appreciate that dress 10 times more because it was made in Ireland and it was just special."

Since posting videos of the dress to TikTok, Katrina has been flooded with messages from people across the country who had ties to the old textile factories or have found their own Irish-made pieces.

"A lady messaged me and said 'oh, I found a sun dress that was made in Penneys and made in Ireland from the 70s, and it was my mothers', and she said 'I'll never sell it because it's just unique'."

@vintageirishkat1981 Replying to @sylvog i think its a night dress and please go check out @Strawberry Fields Vintage 🥰 #vintagepenneys #vintage #fashionover40 #secondhand ♬ original sound - Katrina Carroll

Speaking about her love of vintage clothing, Katrina credits her parents (who she named her shop after) for her fascination with pre-loved pieces.

"My parents have been a really big inspiration to me, I don't think they even realise. My mother was very stylish in the 70s and 80s. My dad wore a suit nearly all the time, going on dates with my mam. I think it really came from there. My dad loves charity shops so he always brought me to them, and it just stemmed from there."

"When I'm wearing something second hand or vintage, it has a special story and uniqueness to it and I feel kind of special in it."

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