On August 15th, a Twitter user called @janky_jane shared a post calling out Irish people for their fashion commentary, saying: "Props to anyone who tries to be fashionable in Ireland, I wore a red beret once in Waterford and someone called me Super Mario".

The sentiment obviously hit home for many as the post has already amassed 51.9k likes and counting.

Irish Twitter went above and beyond over the last two days, sharing the most cutting comments they've ever received because of their notions-fueled outfits.

Of course, the offending item might have been as simple as a leather jacket but when worn in a pub in West Limerick in the early noughties, that's grounds for a life-long nickname.

A stylish jacket

Inspector Gadget

Diamanté Versace

Immersion couture

Peig Sayers


Crowd pleasing shoes

Bin Bags

Funeral blazer

Miami Vice

Homer Simpson

Kim Possible

Secondary School Musical

Indiana Jane


Poor Elmo

Statement vest

New season