Leave it to Irish Twitter to humble two of the wealthiest celebrities on the planet. 

They may be two of the celebrity world's newest billionaires, but when Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West shared photos from their $28 million Wyoming ranch, we doubt they were expecting to have it compared to a mobile home park in Wexford. 

The power couple are currently spending time at their sprawling ranch, where they celebrated eldest daughter North's 7th birthday in glam cowboy style. The enormous property is made up of two separate ranches Kanye bought last year, the Monster Lake Ranch worth $14 million and Bighorn Mountain Ranch worth almost $14.5 million.

The ranches cover over 8,100 acres and include a saloon, a shooting range, multiple lodges and cabins, plenty of wildlife, a creek and more, and is surrounded by lakes, hiking trails, meadows, canyons and hills. 

With all this, it was the perfect backdrop for an impromptu photoshoot. Kim posted a flirty set of photos with her husband, standing on a wooden deck backing onto the vast natural landscape. 

Matching their outfits as usual, the power couple both wore PVC, with Kim donning a rich brown jumpsuit with racy cutouts, flared trousers and thin straps. She paired this with dark oval-shaped sunglasses and dangling geometric earrings. 

Kim usually adds a touch of cowboy style to her glamorous outfits when staying on the ranch, and topped with a matching teal PVC trench, she looked equal parts retro and futuristic.

Sticking to the retro-futurism theme, Kanye paired his black PVC trench with a neon green t-shirt and matching black PVC trousers. 

What would have been a classic Kardashian flex for anyone else became a viral sensation once it hit Irish Twitter, with many users drawing comparisons between the West ranch and ... a caravan park in Wexford. 

Posting on Twitter, one person suggested the billionaire couple went "straight down to Wexford" to make the most of the newly reopened caravan parks, having themselves a classic Irish summer in the process, no doubt. 

Some even recreated the iconic look, from the luxe outfits to the artfully cosy-yet-wistful pose. 

While some went above and beyond the call of meme duty by expertly photoshopping the pair into a picturesque coastal caravan park, complete with golden hour silhouette to the right. 

All we can say is if the Wests want to summer in Ireland – post-Covid-19 travel restrictions being lifted, of course – they'll be perfectly dressed for an authentic Irish summer.