It's the season for spring cleaning, and with many of us finding ourselves with more time on our hands, now's your chance to tackle the jobs that keep being forgotten about. One of the classic ones? Cleaning your hairbrushes. 

We've all tossed a brush or two because it just got too grotty with use, but that's not sustainable. Now, you can get all the expert advice you need online, so that you'll never have to toss away a battered brush again.

Beauty blogger and influencer Sarah Angius posted a video to her Instagram Live, sharing how she cleans her brushes with just three items.

With almost four million followers on Instagram, the blogger is well-known for her hair tutorials, favouring big voluminous styles that make the most of barrel brushes, so we trust her as an authority on giving them a deep clean!

You'll need shampoo, a toothbrush and hot water, as well as a bowl for the water and a towel for drying later on. 

"It's very important before starting to clean them to make sure they are hair-free as much as possible. What you can do is either pull the hair out of the brush or if it's too dirty, you'll need to use a pen to go all the way in and pull the hair out and then cut it with a scissors."

Angius evidently keeps her brushes well-groomed, so hers don't need the pen treatment, but she includes all kinds of brushes in her tutorial so it can be done for any kind of brush you use. 

Once you've removed the hair from your brushes, add a few drops of shampoo to a bowl of hot water, and mix it into a soapy lather with the toothbrush. 

Then, start brushing the hairbrush with the toothbrush, being sure to get in among all the bristles to clean out any dirt that might have gotten lodged between them. Don't brush too hard on brushes with softer bristles as they can bend and even come away if you're not careful. 

Finally, rinse off each of the brushes with warm water and leave them to dry on a towel. 

Angius says she tries to clean her brushes twice a month, depending on the brush and how often she uses them. "Hairbrushes can take a lot of germs and it doesn't matter how clean your hair is, the moment you use the dirty brush, you might as well wash your hair all over again."