When Kathryn Thomas walked down the aisle this past August in a bespoke backless wedding dress, she was the last person who expected it to cause a stir. Within moments of getting our first glimpse of the gown, it seemed the entire nation was debating it. 

The presenter walked down the aisle with husband Padraig McLoughlin in a romantic and touching ceremony that seemed to place the couple's daughter Ellie front and centre. 

Speaking at the launch of Operation Transformation last week, she told RTÉ Lifestyle that she was completely blindsided by the reaction. 

"All I knew was I wanted to wear Irish, I wanted to have a dress that I completely had a hand in designing". 

She worked with Irish designer Umit Kutluk to create her dream dress: "I wanted something that was really architectural, but that all the drama was in the back. I wanted no embellishment, no beading, no glitter, no lace!" 

In contrast then, her Helen Cody dress for the evening reception was "all embellishment". 

Supporting Irish brands is particularly important to the OT host and presenter, as last year's show saw her wear mostly Irish designers: Fiji, Lennon Courtney, Natalie B Coleman, Heidi Higgins. This year, she says, will be the same. 

"I think the talent we have in this country is insane. It's to find looks that are affordable, that are Irish and that are suitable. Last year we were filming in Braymore Castle. It was freezing!"

To hear what else we can expect from Kathryn's looks this season, watch the video above!