At just seven years old, Blue Ivy Carter has walked more red carpets and worn more designer outfits than most adults. This is probably because her parents are two of the most famous people on the planet: Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Now, Beyoncé is claiming her daughter is a "cultural icon" as she enters into a trademark dispute with a small business owner. Beyoncé is trying to trademark Blue Ivy’s name, only to find that wedding planner Wendy Morales’s business is also using it – and Morales says she was there first.

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Beyoncé’s lawyers are arguing that Blue Ivy is "described as a ‘mini style star’ and has been celebrated for her ‘fashion moments’."

Despite her tender age, Blue Ivy has built up quite the online fan base – remember the time she bid up to $19,000 on a piece of art at a gala when she was only six?

These meme-able scenes have been accompanied by some seriously major outfits – and here are some of her biggest fashion moments…

In music videos

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Beyoncé’s most recent music video was for Spirit, a song released alongside The Lion King remake. And who better to be front and centre at the beginning of the video than Blue Ivy, looking wistfully at the camera? Many of her biggest fashion moments are twinning with her mother, and this was no exception as they both wore extravagant lilac gowns with red accents.

A lot about that music video was iconic with Beyoncé wearing over 11 different outfits, but on social media it was Blue Ivy’s guest appearance that really got people talking.

In major gowns

When walking the red carpet, Beyoncé is well aware that few accessories are cuter than your daughter. She often brings Blue Ivy along to big events, regularly matching her glittering gowns with her daughter’s.

When Blue Ivy was just four she owned the VMA's red carpet with Beyoncé, wearing a skirt with a tulle train that was as long and extra as you can get. Obviously she topped off the whole look with a tiara, because Blue Ivy can do what she wants.

In costume

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have become well known for their elaborate Halloween costumes, dressing up like famous figures every October – either fictional or real. Now, Blue Ivy joins in on the fun, and Beyoncé shares the family’s costumes on Instagram.

Whether it’s dressing like a member of the band Salt-N-Pepa, a character from the film Coming to America or like a miniature Barbie, Blue Ivy’s Halloween costumes are just as iconic as her parents.

With designer accessories

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are so committed to twinning that even accessories are thought about. If Beyoncé is going to be sporting a Gucci handbag, so is Blue Ivy – not exactly your classic primary school book bag.

In off-duty looks
It’s not all designer bags and ballgowns, Blue Ivy’s casual looks are also closely scrutinised.

Bright colours, florals and maxi dresses with the addition of glitter wherever she can seems to be the name of the game for Blue Ivy.