Actor, style star and activist, now Tracee Ellis Ross can add another string to her bow: Haircare businesswoman.

Ross has launched her own haircare range called Pattern, which she says on Instagram is "the result of 20 years of dreaming, 10 years in the making… and 2 years of working with chemists." It’s a range of hair products catering to natural hair – that is, curly and tight-textured locks from 3b to 4c.

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For Ross, it’s a way to celebrate natural hair and show some love for a community not always prioritised by the beauty industry.

With a product range including shampoo, conditioners and a hairbrush, Pattern will be available to buy from September 9 here.

This new entrepreneurial move from Ross makes sense. She’s long been an advocate for the natural hair movement and posts many an Instagram pic embracing her curls. It also helps that she has some seriously enviable locks.

Here are some of her biggest hair moments to inspire you…

Big curls

Ross is best known for her big, beautiful curls. However, in 2015 she told Glamour that hadn’t always been the case, noting there was a time when "I was trying to make my hair look like other people’s hair, that I was killing my hair, beating my hair into submission, and making it do things that it didn’t want to do."

She realised: "The more I embrace my hair naturally as it was, the more freedom I had and the access I had to more different styles. The more I let my hair be what it was, the more it could do anything."


When Ross doesn’t have her loose curls running free, she often opts for braided styles. She shows just how versatile braids can be, switching up the thickness of her plaits, and often has them trailing dramatically down her back.

Slicked back

Another great way to style your hair if you can’t be bothered to tease out your curls is to slick everything back – which is a chic look Ross often goes for.

Au natural

Ross recently opened up about her natural hair journey in a Facebook post. She wrote: "I can literally chronicle my journey of self-acceptance through my journey with my hair. Growing up, society told me there was a right way to wear my hair and a right way to look." This made her try "to beat my curls into submission" – even trying to straighten her hair with a clothes iron.

Facing the damage to her hair, she "finally took the leap and stopped relaxing my curls, thereby beginning the healing journey towards loving my hair. It was a long road to knowing, understanding and, eventually, loving my curls. Now I just let them be the happy little ringlets and zig zags of joy they want to be."

Ross is a hugely inspirational figure, particularly as so few in her position talk so openly and joyfully about their natural curls. Considering how well she understands the needs of coiled locks, we’re sure Pattern will be a hit.