If there was one outfit of the summer, it was the flowy skirt and white runners combination, and as effortless as this ensemble is to pull off, keeping white runners clean is less easy.

As we all know, keeping white clothes is a nearly impossible ask, so our next best bet is to master cleaning them. This is especially tricky with runners, as anyone who has trekked through a rain-sodden night out in Dublin will know. 

Luckily, Twitter always provides when it comes to cleaning hacks, and one particularly effective one has resurfaced just in time to give your scuffed, stained and streaked Adidas or Nikes a new lease on life. 

Twitter user @sarahtraceyy originally posted a before and after series of her clearly well-loved white Converse plimsolls in 2017, but it is doing the rounds once again as people no doubt start Googling how to clean their favourite runners. 

Calling herself a "miracle worker", her "after" photo is certainly miraculous, her shoes somehow looking whiter than they could have originally. Mrs Hinch would be proud. 

After impressing enough people into asking her for advice, she shared her recipe for the cleaning solution, and you probably have the ingredients at home. 

Give the shoes a quck rinse and then mix 1:1.5 of baking soda and detergent, scrubbing the formula through the shoes with a clean toothbrush. 

Let them sit for a while, rinse again and finish with a toss in the washing machine. Once cleaned, use baby powder to dry them off. 

The responses range from thank you messages, photos of people's shining white runners or conspiracy theories accusing Sarah of painting the runners instead of cleaning them. A testament to how effective this hack is!