Long gone are the days when we would pile on Maybelline’s dream matte mousse and pair it with extra sticky lip gloss. Now, thanks to brands like Fenty Beauty and countless YouTube tutorials, we’re much more clued up about make-up and want to experiment with it.

It’s now par for the course for celebrity make-up artists to post breakdowns of the looks they’ve created on Instagram. Here are some of the most exciting MUAs with impressive rosters of celeb clients, for all the beauty inspiration you’ll ever need…

For graphic experimentation

British make-up artist Jo Baker has worked with everyone from January Jones and Natalie Portman to Emmy Rossum and Sharon Stone. You might recognise some of her most recent work with actor Lucy Boynton when she was promoting Bohemian Rhapsody.

Boynton became known for her sharp, graphic eye make-up, courtesy of Baker. So if you’re bored of a natural look and really want to make an impact with your eye make-up, look no further than Baker’s work.

What we like best about her Instagram page are the weird reference points for looks she creates – such as a ‘deluxe burger brioche bun’, ‘fluffy white kitties in tiaras’ or ‘charred toast’ and ‘honey ham’.

For the Beyoncé beat

Make-up artist Sir John has become a celebrity in his own right thanks to his long history of creating Beyoncé’s best looks. Sir John is synonymous with one major thing: a luminescent glow. His signature style is bright and golden skin, along with bold coloured eyes.

Follow him for tutorials and tips to get closer to the coveted Bey glow, and you’ll be sure to spot other famous faces like Mary J Blige and Joan Smalls along the way.

For Hollywood glamour

Patrick Ta’s celebrity client list reads like a who’s who of Instagram It-girls, including the Hadid sisters, the Kardashians, Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski.

Ta writes on his website: "I have always gravitated toward women. Growing up, I knew I was gay but wasn’t out to the world. Women like my mom, my sister and my best friends were the ones who allowed me to be myself. I wanted to create make-up that made women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, just as women have made me feel."

You’ll most often see Ta playing around with the perfect red lip and bold smokey eye, for that injection of Hollywood glamour. Earlier this year he even launched his own beauty collection and the first drop was called ‘Major Glow’. Like Sir John, he’s all about making your skin look luminescent.

For runway realness

Pat McGrath is probably the most famous make-up artist in the world, and for good reason. She’s put in years of hard work building up relationships with the biggest fashion brands, creating some seriously iconic looks.

If you want experimentation, look no further than McGrath. Runway beauty is so different from red carpet looks – instead, it’s a time to go bold, weird and really push the boat out.

Some of our favourite looks from McGrath over the years include the Valentino feather lashes and a full face of crystals at Givenchy. She’s also got more every day looks to draw upon and her own make-up line, Pat McGrath Labs, which is worth even more than Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand.

For sultry looks

Make-up is about making you feel good, which pretty much sums up make-up artist Hung Vanngo’s approach. Like everyone else on this list, he’s the go-to beauty guy for all kinds of celebs like Selena Gomez and Gisele Bündchen. When you want extra sex appeal, look to Vanngo for inspiration.

He’s all about big lips, bold smokey eyes and bombshell skin. Whoever said less is more when it comes to beauty obviously wasn’t following Vanngo on Instagram.

Vanngo was born in Vietnam and raised in Canada, and he credits these disparate cultures to helping spark his creativity.