Claire Tenwick works as a Personal Assistant whose favourite part of the day is dressing up, but her new-found hobby has introduced her to an exciting journey. Like a lot of influencers, she posts fashion content on Instagram, but what makes her stand out is the special attention she gives to "all the shorties out there".

Claire has been a huge hit on social media because of her 'one item, five ways' signature post as well as experimenting with different styles to make for an inclusive fashion community, "I've gotten great feedback from all the 'Petites' out there. Some of them would never think that they could wear a maxi dress", she says.

But that's exactly where the 5ft Fashion Fairy comes in. 

Claire wouldn't consider herself a blogger, she has just always been an avid fan of dressing up. One reason she started her own public Instagram page was because of her age. Two years ago she turned 40 years old and figured that if she didn't do it then, she never would.

Thanks to the support of her best friend and hairdresser, Alex Keville and husband, Marc who both spurred her on, she's now doing what she does best - getting glammed up and inspiring others to do the same.

It turns out she was on to something because within one year her following has grown from 2,000 to 15,000 followers.

Among her most popular posts are the 'one item, five ways' videos. Claire believes that many of her followers have grown because of it and she's also happy to promote sustainable fashion. The fashionista says she is an advocate for styling clothes that you already have in your wardrobe in different ways rather than buying new all the time.

Irish bloggers
The 42-year-old is most fond of the Irish generation of bloggers, the reason being that all the clothes they wear are usually available in Ireland and because she feels they're all doing their own thing and really happy doing it.

Claire delivers her own little spark of happiness on Instagram too, as she models all her favourite looks for her followers, commonly known as a 'haul', she dances her way through outfits. She quotes on her Instagram 'Come for the style, stay for the dancing'.

Creating so much content is no easy task, but the fashionista says she finds inspiration from fellow beauty bloggers including Rosie Connolly, Niamh Cullen, and Lousie Cooney. Claire also expressed her admiration for Lorna Weightman, an Irish stylist and lifestyle blogger, saying"she took me under her wing". 

How has life changed?
The 5ft Fashion Fairy said her life hadn't massively changed since she began her journey building her Instagram page. She's still a full-time Personal Assistant but, she says, Instagram can sometimes lead her to meet like-minded people at fashion events.

"Only two or three of my friends are into fashion. Going to events where we can share a love of shoes or mom jeans is great fun," she explains.

Thankfully, while many online influencers suffer from cyber-bullying, Claire rarely gets negative attention through her social media accounts. She insists that her fan base has been very supportive. "I'm not that big on Instagram yet, I also don't share my personal life or my opinions with the public, it's all very fashion-based". 

Work-life balance
When social media is part of your job, it can be incredibly difficult to cut down on screen time and Claire was quick to admit that, at the beginning of her blogging career, she could easily lose three hours to scrolling.

These days though, the stylish lady says she's happy to take a break from the online world if it benefits her mental health: "I'm 42 now and you start to stop worrying about everyone else thinks. I'm more self-assured and happier with who I am. If I don't want to post for three or four days I won't, at the end of the day it's a hobby". 

Investment Items
Any woman that has gone jeans shopping will know that finding the right pair is no easy task, and it can be even more difficult if your legs are on the shorter side. Luckily, this five-foot beauty has "always been a jeans girl" and has even created a shopping guide for her audience.

So far this summer, Claire has got great wear out of wrap dresses and tea dresses. For her, they're comfy to wear and whether you're shopping brand names or on the high street, there are a great collection of dresses in many prints. 

As we await the Autumn season, Claire gives us a heads up on what she thinks will be in style over the coming months: "I'm really loving the 70's Parisian chic look. From the pussy-bow blouses to blazers and flared jeans."

"Flares are brilliant for petites, you throw on a pair of heels underneath and you've grown five inches taller," she added, laughing.

What's next?
For Claire, working online is something she'd love as a full-time job, making revenue from posts and creating paid collaborations would be ideal but, according to the blogger, she's not quite there yet: "I'm still in the gifting stage". 

Having planned many events throughout her life, thanks to her work as a PA, Claire has decided to host her own event to promote her online presence.

On the 29th of September, she will be hosting an exciting day called The 5ft Fashion Fair where all things fashion and beauty will be displayed. From a Mulligans pharmacy make-up stand to a Zip Yard alterations section, this is an event that won't disappoint, "it will be aimed at Petites, but everyone is welcome," she said excitedly.