We've had poreless skin, "glass skin" - high shine to the point of looking translucent - and now we have yoga skin: fresh, "juicy" looking skin that seems radiate health from within, as though you've spent your morning holding a Lotus position.

Thankfully, that level of time and effort is not needed to perfect yoga skin, just a few basic skincare and beauty products you likely have in your reserves already. 

Created by makeup artist Sarah Hill, who has built an Instagram following of 57,000 with her sleek, dewy and sophisticated makeup looks, the technique was developed to give you "healthy, glowing, hydrated, radiant, sheer and natural" skin.

As Hill says, "Skin that looks like skin at its very best with the least amount of effort". 

"Yoga skin is a look that feels real", Hill said. "‘Glass skin’ and similar trends are about creating a perfected, flawless complexion, but yoga skin is about creating luscious, fresh and juicy skin that looks natural, but glowing with health.

"I called it ‘yoga skin’ because it emulates that really gorgeous radiance you have when you step out of the yoga studio; juicy, dewy and super-hydrated.

"It’s not about hiding imperfections but creating a hyper-real version of your natural skin, pinch-able and just irresistible!"

How to get it: 

  1. Cleanse the face to rid it of impurities as you would normally, and apply your skincare, letting it "absorb fully before adding the next step", Hill says. This typically takes between five and ten minutes. 
  2. To help the glossy products stick to the skin without budging, apply a smaller amount of silicone-free primer as a base. 
  3. Use between three and four pumps of a liquid, water-based foundation - something light and sheer to allow for the most natural-looking base - add a drop or two of your favourite facial oil or serum. This bumps up the hydration in your foundation, ensuring that even in the warmest weather your skin won't dry out. 
  4. To this, add a drop of illuminator or strobe cream to boost radiance. If you want to bring some warmth into your makeup, here you can add a highlighter with gold tones to give you that just-back-from-a-holiday shine. 
  5. You can add another boost of shine by mixing in a drop or two of glow drops. 
  6. Massage this mixture between your hands and sweep gently over the face. Doing so massages the face, helping it to de-puff and relax. If coverage is still too sheer, you can build up layers until your desired coverage is achieved. 
  7. Finally, add some spot concealing in the areas you feel you need a little extra coverage, such as undereye areas or on larger blemishes. However, be careful not to overdo it as you'll lose the fresh, healthy glow of yoga skin. 
  8. Add some cream blush or bronzer on top if you want, and lightly set with a gentle dusting of powder using a fluffy brush.