Hand creams may not have the fancy packaging or clever marketing as other beauty products - just wait until Glossier get their hands on it - but when it comes to a little pampering sesh, they're a mainstay.

Not just luxurious, hand creams are incredibly versatile and once you know how to use them, are some of the handiest - eheh - products in your beauty arsenal. 

The best part? If you're anything like us, you're literally surrounded by hand creams: in the car, on the desk in work, in the beside locker, in the bathroom. Maybe you even keep a mini hand cream in the pocket of your winter coat. No? Just me? 

As with anything you put on or in your body, however, these creams are only as useful as their quality is good. The old adage that your hands show age far sooner than your face is entirely true, so treat yourself to the good stuff - you're worth it. 

Check out these nifty hacks to gain the upper hand on your beauty routine: 

1. Improve the look and feel of coarse split ends and dry flyaways
There are few things more irritating than bristly split ends or dry layers, and these only get more pronounced in the hot summer months. If you're in a hurry, soothe your ends with a pea-sized amount of hand cream massaged through the hair. 

The more basic the cream, the better, as you don't want heavy fragrances drying those split ends even more. 

2. Banish static in clothing
Static has been the bane of our lives since someone first rubbed a balloon against our hair, frizzing it into a straightened halo. It's a nuisance in clothing, too, and especially when it comes to tights. 

If you find that stray hairs and fluff is sticking to your tights, simply rub some hand cream into your hands and swipe them across your legs. Static be gone!

3. Remove stuck rings
A nightmare situation, something so innately panic-inducing that even the best of us can be bested by getting a ring stuck on their finger. Tugging at it won't work, and can even lead to hand and finger injuries in worse case scenarios. 

A slathering of hand cream will do the trick, freeing your from the grips of your accessories once again. 

4. Makeup remover in a pinch
Many makeup artists have used the simple hack of using face moisturiser to remove or clean up makeup on the go, but hand cream does the job just as well. More than this, you're more than likely to have a tube of hand cream on you when you're out and about, making this especially handy. 

Clean up eyeliner by dipping a cotton bud or even the edge of your pinkie finger into the cream and carefully swiping across, or remove stubborn lipstick with a gentle massaging of hand cream onto the lips. 

5. Very handy cuticle oil substitute
If your fingers are looking a little dry and you don't have the time to sit and massage in cuticle oil, a rich hand cream will work just as well. Simply apply and rub in gently, focusing on the base of the nails. 

6. Shoe polish
Yes, shoe polish. The oil-rich formulas of hand creams make them ideal for shining up your shoes when you're in a hurry. Sure, you might have to give your Chelsea boots or leather heels a proper clean later in the day, but if you're on the go and need to spruce up, you can do much worse than a squeeze of hand cream.