Transitioning your makeup from summer to autumn is hard enough but with winter not far off, it can be a real struggle. Here, celebrity makeup artists Elizabeth Rita and Lauren Murphy share their tips as well as their beauty philosophies. 

The change in season brings with it more than just crispy leaves and pumpkin-flavoured hot drinks: dry skin, a dull complexion and chapped lips plague us all, not to mention how your coral lipstick now doesn't look right without the sun. 

While at the Brown Thomas Style Summit recently, celebrity makeup artists Lauren Murphy and Elizabeth Rita shared their tips on how to effortlessly transition your skincare and beauty regimes to the colder months, as well as their daily inspirations and must-have makeup essentials. 

A few of my favourite things... 
As professional makeup artists, both Elizabeth and Lauren get to work with a range of products and surely have finessed their kits to perfection, so we had to ask for some tips. Elizabeth says her three essential products are "foundation, mascara and lippy", adding "if you have these three things you can conquer the world". 

For Lauren, she favours multi-use products like lip and cheek stains or creams, which are definitely in vogue these days. These are particularly handy when the seasons change and prevent you having to rush out and buy a load of new products. In her makeup bag you'll also find "tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, blush [and] lip balm", but she encourages experimenting with many products together to blend your own lipsticks and makeup looks.

Beauty benchmarks
When it comes to finding inspiration, both Lauren and Elizabeth look to the past, but to different people. Elizabeth says her mum is her greatest beauty inspiration, as watching her apply a classic red lip in the car mirror - "'glamour on the go', she would say" - is one of her earliest makeup memories. While a true lady never reveals her age, Elizabeth says "she still looks so fabulous and so classy. She sums up Yves Saint Laurent's saying 'Fashions come and go but style is eternal'. 

For Lauren, her inspirations also epitomise old Hollywood glamour, with "Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn [and] the glamorous film stars with red carpet makeup looks" inspiring her the most. "I love the beauty and glamour and playing with colour, textures and eye and face shapes", she adds. 

Weather-proofing your skin
Both Elizabeth and Lauren agree that no matter how good your makeup is, healthy and well cared-for skin is the ultimate beauty hack. "A good makeup look is so much easier to achieve when you have started properly by cleansing your face and making sure all the dirt and any old makeup is removed", says Elizabeth. She really focuses on this at night, making sure her skin is clean and able to heal while she sleeps. 

She also says that with radiators and temperature drops in winter, your entire body is susceptible to becoming dehydrated, so don't neglect it either. She recommends slathering your body with a nourishing body lotion after an evening shower so that you "wake up feeling super hydrated". 

Lauren also points out how fuss-free this process can be, saying it can be as simple as "cleansing, removing dirt, oil [and] makeup from your skin and allowing your skin to breathe, [then] follow up with moisturiser". She recommends double cleansing if you're removing old makeup, adding some serum before you moisturise and always hydrating the lips to keep your pout in shape. 

Tricks of the trade
After years in the business and countless famous faces painted, Elizabeth and Lauren have learned their fair share of tips and tricks. Elizabeth says her main lesson has been the confidence to see when "less is more". Although the trend for heavy makeup is still going strong, she says to trust your gut and see what you need on the day. 

"For example, I worked on a particularly big campaign, there were a lot of important people on this job and I decided to use no foundation, but just some concealer as the model's skin was already flawless". 

For Lauren, a few key products have become essentials for her. Eye primers "gives your shadow staying power", while multi-use products are great for experimenting with. To achieve a glowing, lit-from-within look, which is still extremely popular even as the months get colder, she suggests "Blending foundation with moisturiser for a sheer glowing skin complexion". 

Festive faces
While in summer there's nothing worse than wearing too much makeup and watching it drip onto your delicate sundress, autumn allows you to play around a bit more, with the added benefit of more makeup meaning some slight protection against the elements. 

The colours of autumn are endlessly inspiring, and the soft rusts and berry colours flatter all skin tones. When fall comes, Elizabeth gravitates towards "shades of oranges, browns and purples on the eyes", but if you don't have those close to hand, don't panic. Rather than rushing out to buy a whole new makeup wardrobe, she suggests looking through some of your palettes as most have at least two or three autumnal shades. 

If you're looking for a new style for autumn, Lauren suggests switching to matte if summery glitters and shimmers have reigned supreme for the last few months. When it comes to festivities, the choice is clear: "add in some sparkle for party season". Corals and brights may now wash you out, so she suggests a move back to reds and warm tones but says "blend the lipsticks you have to make your own shades", too.