Deciem, the umbrella company for the range that is beloved for it's high quality and affordable costs, is closing down after its CEO publishes erratic video and refers to "major criminal activity". 

Brandon Truaxe, a figure that has drawn much criticism for his volatile and often incomprehensible attacks on customers and the industry alike, made the announcement in an tearful Instagram video, filmed in the back of a car. 

Flanked by two employees, Truaxe states that the company is shutting down "all operations until further notice", adding that they "have two months". He names the employees in the car with him as Justin and Brandon and mentions another person, Riyadh, asking him to "please be safe". 

Tagging the video to The White House, Truaxe appears to be drawing a connection between it and the major criminal activity that he claims swept through Deciem, as well as a number of companies he listed in an equally incomprehensible caption, and implicated "everyone". 

"I am not able to control the sentencing of the most beautiful people mentioned ... if they are involved", he says. "But almost everyone at Deciem has been involved in a major criminal activity, which includes financial crimes and much others."

Becoming emotional, Truaxe then says "you have no idea what a soldier I've been for 13 years. I've been made fun of, as a porn actor, as a f***ing drug dealer, for 13 years." 

"It's all ending now." 

This is in addition to a caption that seems to accuse stars like George Clooney and Ben Affleck, companies like Estée Lauder (Truaxe's minority investor, no less) and Zara and, bizarrely, the line "ARGO stood for 'Ali Roshan GO'. You idiots", in reference to the Ben Affleck movie of the same name. 

Deciem was founded in 2013 and launched with a range of 10 separate sub-brands, all overseen by Truaxe. The company makes its own products in Toronto, which is surely one aspect of its cost-cutting model, but Truaxe previously co-founded a luxury company called Euoko, which sold products for as much as $700.

The closing of Deciem will include NIOD and Hylamide, both very popular with customers but are nowhere near the cult status of The Ordinary. The range drew praise for its paired-back approach to skincare, modern apothecary-inspired bottles and cheap prices. 

Truaxe, and Deciem while under his control, has come under fire repeatedly for his perplexing social media presence that in recent years has involved taking over the Deciem social media accounts and using them to voice his own opinions, as well as making racist and offensive comments to customers who questioned him online. 

In addition to this, his business practices are just as problematic and unsavoury: earlier this year he fired his entire US team including its sole U.S.-based PR executive, at the same time as announcing 10 new stores in NYC. 

While you can still buy some Deciem products through other stockists, we suggest you cherish the last of your squalene and marine hyaluronics and wish for an affordable skincare brand as clear and unblemished as your skin.