Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on his show this morning, former rugby union player and Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll shared that he chose his wife Amy’s dress for her upcoming appearance on this week’s Late Late Show.

While discussing his latest project, Shoulder to Shoulder, a documentary he made with former RTÉ presenter Craig Doyle that explores how Irish rugby has united players from both sides of the Irish Sea, Brian revealed a new flair for fashion.

Ryan noted that Amy will be a guest on this week's Late Late Show, to which Brian replied with a knowing chuckle. 

"That's right, you will. I was looking at outfits last night. She's gonna look good", he said to Ryan. 

Though this is the first foray into fashion that we know of, Brian shows at least some playful confidence in it as he jokes that he’s the new Gok Wan.

Ryan gamely took this in stride, quipping "You're the cut of him, actually!" 

The couple are impeccably dressed, it has to be said, but all along we thought it was Amy with the sartorial smarts. Maybe it's time to give Brian his dues? 

Fashion isn't the only thing they have in common, either, as Brian admits he really enjoyed being in front of the camera during his new documentary. 

Having spent a lot of time with Craig working for BT Sport, they came up with the idea of exploring Ireland's Call, which expanded into a documentary of how sport brought together two warring nations.

It's a stirring look at a nation divided and then reunited at the 2007 Six Nations match between England and Ireland, led at the time by Brian himself. 

Although he had a personal connection to it, he felt it was a "voyage of discovery" at the same time, and was enriching. 

As Craig says, Brian's "ego never got in the way. He was happy to be ignorant about some of the things and knowledgeable, but keep the knowledge to himself on other things". 

"It was exploratory but it was such a steep learning curve for me, as well. With BT, I'm four years into it now, I sort of think I've just about got the hang of it, and now if there's other projects that we're looking at that we can learn as much [from] and deliver a good message as well, I think it'll be brilliant to be involved in that." 

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