Lisa O'Connor is the head makeup artist on Dancing with the Stars Ireland but the WarPaint boss says she's been working in the beauty industry since 1992.

We went behind the scenes of the show to chat with the beauty guru.

"My favourite part of the show is 8:30 when the credits roll," she laughed.

"No, actually, my favourite part of the show is when I have everybody done. I won't eat, I won't do lunch, I won't do breakfast. Once they're done, I'm happy out."

Lisa does eventually manage to get a bite to eat while she watches the dress rehearsals through multiple camera monitors, ensuring that each dancer looks picture perfect.

"The pro-dancers are so easy peasy lemon squeezy - they really help you out. They know their looks, I loved them from the minute I met them last year. 

"You're also dealing with actors, actresses, comedians - the whole lot - and they're doing something that's completely out of their comfort zone so you want to keep them within their comfort zone when it comes to their make-up.

"What I always say to them is: 'I wouldn't want anyone doing my makeup so I'll do whatever you say, just let me know'. I'm a make-up artist, not a mind reader... I am slightly telepathic, I can tell when they're not quite happy." 

karen and jake
Pro-dancer Karen looking fierce with her star partner Jake Carter

After 14 years of working in the television industry, Lisa is a pro at juggling her clients as they get pulled away for press, rehearsals, meetings and Facebook Live interviews.

With so many on-camera appointments, Lisa must ensure that the competitors' looks stay perfect for hours at a time. 

"We use more tissues than we do powder. Particularly with dancing, I mean we could sponsor the show with a tissue company, we go through a serious amount."

When dealing with sweat, Lisa says there is a schedule in place to keep everyone looking fresh.

"We won't do the lads until after the dress rehearsal because, in fairness, it would be different if the lads had really bad acne and we knew they had a backstage interview, we would put a bit of powder on them but you don't want them to get a build up.

"They're dancing and they're taking it off so you don't want them using towels, we're going to be using tissues on them the whole time so we blot them and add a little powder.

"If you're continually adding powder, what you're going to do is end up on week 12 with a load of beautiful men and women with full-on acne - it's too much."

Lisa keeps the stars looking performance ready every Sunday

When it comes to keeping the ladies happy, Lisa says that a bit of gloss goes a long way.

"You'll do the girls make-up during the day and say, 'listen, I'll add to that throughout'. So I normally make sure that the eyes are done [first] but a lot of the girls are conscious that they have something on their lips - even just a bit of gloss. 

"Doesn't matter whats going to be on at the actual end of the show and recorded, it's their confidence level so they're doing something out of their comfort zone - which is dancing so you kind of have to [accomodate].

"It's the same with the lads - the lads want their bit of tan. 'Do I need a bit more tan? Do I need to be a bit darker?'

"The whole thing is just making them happy and comfortable and that's my job - I don't care, I'm still being paid the same money at the end of the day so I'll do whatever they're happy with."

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