Dancing with the Stars is back on our screens and host Amanda Byram is back looking fab in another gorgeous dress and she told us where she got it.

The "look is from The Snooty in Dungannon, its a little boutique and I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it."

She added: "It's interesting because last year I didn't do short at all and people said to me, 'Why don't you get the legs out?' and I thought, I don't know if that's very Dancing with the Stars savvy and when I saw this, it incorporated both short and long so this is the perfect way to start the season off".

How does the presenter decide what to wear each week?
"It's a tough decision, I think I have to a) Know what I'm in the mood for and b) If it's a themed week that makes a huge difference.

"I know a dress, pretty much immediately when I see it when I try it on, whether or not that's the one".

She added: "I think about it quite technically actually". Good to know we're all the same when it comes to trying to get the look just right for a special event...although Amanda does make it all look rather easy!

A fab pic of the gals!

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