She's done it again - Kate Moss has launched another collection. This time it's a jewellery collection with Brazilian designer Ara Vartanian.

While Vartanian doesn't usually make collections - he prefers his pieces to remain unique and handmade - he made an exception for the supermodel. 

Ara's pieces have been worn by stars such as Céline Dion, Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler, Gisele Bündchen, Sharon Stone and Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie.

His signature style is the innovative use of inverted diamonds combined with the desire to construct unexpected forms.

So he was the right man for Kate Moss to team up with, as she announced in The Telegraph Magazine:

"I love a diamond, obviously..."

Ara Vartanian, who was born into a family of jewellers, took to Instagram to spread the word about the venture.

"After a year of work and many encounters between Kate and I to exchange ideas and creativity in regards to amulets that one can throw it on and get protection, strength and good energy....we're finally getting ready to launch our collab on the 17th of May in London", he wrote.

Kate also posted a series of photos surrounding the collection to her Instagram account:

"A closer look at the Kate Moss x @ara_vartanian collection"

The collection was inspired by English legends and contains Medieval symbols, including swords sickle moons and amulets, which are supposed to attract protection, strength and good energy.

The duo used materials ranging from 18-karat gold, amethysts, citrine, garnet, and green goldstone to unique diamonds and rubies.

The resulting collection is full of antique-looking pieces with a gallant combination of royal and Romany vibes. The prices range between £700 and £9,500.

The campaign was shot by David Bailey's son, Fenton at Kate Moss' Cotswolds home, which is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of blossoming trees, bushes and fields.

To present her collection, the beautiful blonde, who was discovered at age of 14 herself, chose Elfie Reigate, Luka Isaac, Louis Baines and Anna-Lea Gardner from her recently launched model agency. 

The jewellery pieces were designed for both women and men. So the beautiful collection can be worn by everybody.

"The #KMxAV collection was made for him and for her. Luka wearing it at its best!"

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