RTÉ LifeStyle's very own Taragh Loughrey-Grant attended the Dublin Tech Summit to moderate a discussion on 'Technology and Beauty: Content is Bridging the Gap' with Gillian Fitzpatrick, Her Head of Content and Niamh McHugh, Co-Founder of Glissed.

We love a good beauty trend whether it's hair, nails or makeup but computer programmes? We got chatting to Niamh to find out how beauty and tech are merging to bring us the next big thing.

Glissed (formerly My Pucker) is a beauty service that connects skilled beauty professionals with consumers. We caught up with Niamh to chat about the business and how why she was excited to take part in DTS.

"I'm really excited to be at the Dublin Tech Summit, although you necessarily think that beauty really fits in here, I'm actually speaking at the fashion stage today discussing how content actually connects technology and beauty...I'm very excited about 2017 because we're launching our brand new website, Glissed.com"

Niamh says there are some exciting tech innovations coming to the beauty industry including chatbots.

"What I'm really excited about in 2017 is actually artificial intelligence and in chatbots as well because they're so ideal for customer service, they're actually really relevant for the beauty industry."

A chatbot is basically a computer programme that you can message and it will respond as if it were a human. Imagine logging on to your favourite beauty site and asking for recommendations, prices, appointments and tips - it would have all the answers in seconds!